Lazer Exposure Limited specialises in Digital Printing of Business and Marketing Documents with proficiency in the areas of Digital Colour Separation, Electronic Imaging, Graphics Design, Planning, General Printing and Equipment Sales and Service.

With our highly sophisticated, state of the art pre-press, press and post press equipment, we can achieve the highest dot resolution possible for the sharpest image imaginable. These equipments are also designed to efficiently print documents for use in all global markets.

At Lazer Exposure, we are a team with a passion for quality and prompt delivery of goods and services. We take pride in our professionalism, strong work ethics and commitment to building an enduring and lasting relationships based on trust.

Our core values are Expertise, Innovations, and Ability to adapt and listen to clients. These values enable us the ability to perfect our customers’ materials for their specific target audience. With your briefs and themes, we bring alive your thoughts as visuals for onward digital printing.