Presently, there are no minimum order quantities. In our effort to improve quality and satisfy customers, we recently acquired one of the latest modern printing machine, an SM-74-5 Colour with Coating Unit, which has the ability to print over 15,000 copies of inputted data per hour. In addition we have added extra personnel to our quality control and measurement department to ensure adherence to our standards where it comes to quality, customer orders and materials in our effort to serve you better. Below is a list of some of our available graphics, imaging and printing equipment.

1.               Speed Master 74 – 5 Colour with coating Unit

2.               Kodak Trendsetter CTP (fully automated)

3.               Stingray 63 Digital colour separation machine

4.               Agfa Plate maker and Processor

5.               Epson colour printer Pro- 4800 for Visual Printing.

6.               27 (HP and Apple Mackintosh) Computers

7.               Stahl folding machine

8.               Saddle stitchers

9.               1 Schneider Senator Cutting Machine

10.             A3-High-end-resolution drum scanner 2650 from Heidelberg.

11.             HP 3800 flat-bed Scanner

12.             A brand new Isuzu Pickup for job delivery

13.             1 unit 165KVA, 100KVA & 65KVA Generating sets

14.             Linoscan Machine From Heidelberg.